Support European jobs when purchasing an electric car

Range, acceleration, charging speed, comfort, and security - there are many parameters for evaluating electric cars. Our evaluation is a little different. Given the current situation in Ukraine, European and UK car manufacturers are running short of spare parts. Should we consider Chinese cars, or is now the time to dig up some patience and show support for the European car industry? And which brands are European anyway, with clever buy-up strategies, this might be hard to figure out.

To help you decide, we looked into where cars are manufactured, whether they keep jobs in Europe, and if the country of origin is democratic or not. Our list is split into three categories: A, B, C with A being the best and nearest.


Brussels, Belgium (etron)


Cupra (Seat)
Cupra is part of the VW Group, and the cars are manufactured in Catalonia, Spain.


Mioveni, Romania


Zoe and Megane eTech are manufactured in Flins, France.


500e comes from Italy.


Sindelfingen, Germany (EOS)


Zuffenhausen, Germany (Taycan)


Trnava, Slovakia (e208 model)


Enyaq is manufactured in the Czech Republic. Skoda has suppliers in Ukraine.


Zwickau and Emden, Germany (ID3,ID4, e-Golf)
Bratislava, Slovakia (e-Up, Citigo-e, Mii Electric)


The Czech Republic (Kona Electric), South Korea, Indonesia (Ioniq) Hyundai is committed to expanding its presence in Europe.

Although the Mustang is manufactured in the US, E-Mach is manufactured in Chongqing, China.

Only Ceed and hybrid vehicles are manufactured in the EU (Slovakia). Electric cars are manufactured in South Korea, China, and India.

We do not know for sure which models are manufactured near Berlin. In the long run, European-manufactured Teslas will be equipped with EU batteries. Once this happens, we expect to move Tesla into category A :-)

Volvo & Polestar
Volvo’s electric cars are manufactured in Torslanda, Sweden and Ghent, Belgium. Polestar is designed in Sweden, but all manufacturing takes place in China.


Aiways is a Chinese car manufacturer.

MG cars used to be manufactured in Longbridge, UK. Parts of MG’s research, development, and design still take place there, but MG cars have been manufactured by SAIC Motors in China and Thailand since 2016.

Maxus was originally a British brand until it was purchased by SAIC Motors in 2010 and production moved to China.

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